Our History

All Previous Pastors

1870 John Slover                                  1937-1939 Lee Phillips

1895 Rev. Weaver                                 1940-1941 G.D. Vowell

1896 J.C. Slover                                    1942 Brother Spickard

1901 J.W. Reed                                      1943-1951 Bill Beets

1902 T.D. Hart                                       1952-1954 Lenville Dupree

1904 W.D. Prosis                                   1955-1956 George Delozier

1905 T.D. Hart                                       1957-1961 D.L. Phillips

1906 John Johnson                                 1962-1964 Wayne Province

1907 W.D. Prosis                                    1965-1973 George Delozier

1908-1915 T.D. Hart                               1973 Larry Webster (Interim)

1920 S.H. Loveday                                  1973-1977 Bill Davis

1921 W. M. Bullock                                 1977-1978 Larry Webster (Interim)

1922-1923 T.D. Hart                                1979-1984 Gary Parker

1924-1927 Lee Ward                                1984 Larry Webster (Interim)

1928-1929 John Tackett                            1985-2006 Tom Byrge

1930-1932 Lee Phillips                             2006-2007 Larry Webster, Interim

1933 Lacy Harness                                    2007-2012 Keith Tillman

1934-1936 John Pike                                 2012-2013 Larry Webster, Interim



2013-2016 Jason Brackin

2016-2018 Dr. John Rogers

2019-      Larry Webster, Interim

Landmark Events

1870 Clinch River Baptist Church was organized

1873 Clinch River Baptist Church became of the Clinton Baptist Association

1892 First Sunday school was organized with 44 members

1895 Church moved to present location and named United Clinch River Rebecca Baptist Church

1905 Church bell was ordered

1906 First record of ordination of a deacon

1907 Pastor's salary was $24.00 per year, janitor's salary was $6.00 per year, salaries were paid after collection was taken

1912 First record in minutes of the Sunday school officers

1921 Church voted to elect pastor by nomination

1940 Church was wired for electricity

1942 Hardwood floors were put in the church

1943 First record of Bible School and furnace was bought for the church

1944 A collection was taken for the Baptist hospital in Knoxville

1947 Two Sunday school rooms were added and 60 people were converted in a revival

1948 Pastor's salary increased to $50.00 per month

1955 Two rooms and a porch were added to the church

1959 Royal Ambassador's was started and was led by Dorcy Fritts

1960 Girl's Auxiliary was started and was led by Verda Lee Wells

1961 Paul Thomas gave land for the parsonage

1962 First Parsonage was built beside the church

1969 Last service was held in the old building on March 9th. The church met in the Medford School during construction of the present church

1975 Church assumed the trusteeship for the cemetery

1982 Paul Thomas home and property was purchased to be used as new church and parsonage

1985 Pastor Tom Byrge and wife Minnie came to Clinch River to lead us for 21 1/2 years

1985 New Church Bus was purchased

1993 Sanctuary was remodeled

1996 Family Life Center was built

2000 First Church Secretary was hired

2004 Lawson property was purchased by the church

These are some interesting facts about the history of Clinch River Baptist Church, but the most important thing that cannot be measured is the service of the people who have served the Lord in our fellowship down through the years and who are still making a difference in the kingdom. To God be the glory for everything that has happened here from the beginning of this local in 1870 until today.


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